Making A Reflection in Photoshop

So, We're All Stuck At Home. What To Do?

I’ve been home now for over a week due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus and it looks like there’s not going to be a let up anytime soon.  So, I figured, why not take advantage of the time to learn new photography and Photoshop skills?

So, to that end, I will try to bring to you a new skill or lesson that I learn each day.  These are not going to be my lessons — instead I’ll be sharing content from other great photographers and artists.   

Today's Lesson: Water Reflections

For a long time, I’ve wanted to learn how to create realistic water reflections in Photoshop but I never quite found the right way to do it.  

Yesterday, I finally found a video by Anthony Morganti which described the process in plain and simple terms.  

Here’s my first attempt at using his technique:

Before After

Of course, there is room for improvement — this was just my first attempt.  But, hey — that’s what practice and experimentation are for.

Here is Anthony’s video.  It’s about fifteen minutes long and I highly recommend that you follow his suggestion and take notes during the video.

How did you do with this technique?  I’d love to see the results.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Anthony’s web page at 

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