My Journey In Photography

There was a time when I knew absolutely nothing about photography… and it wasn’t all that long ago.


Back in the day, I would often tell people that I couldn’t take a decent picture to save my life — and it was true.  I never used a camera beyond taking some snapshots of my kids and family. I had no idea about composition, lighting or exposure.  I never heard of an f-stop or a shutter speed. When I began work at a now-defunct electronics mail-order company in 1996, I looked through the catalog on the first day and noticed that they sold cameras without lenses.  To this day, I still remember thinking to myself “Who would buy a camera without a lens?” It seemed ludicrous to me. That’s how little I understood.

A few years later, I went on a vacation out of country with my wife and I bought a two megapixel Canon point and shoot (the Canon A20) to take pictures with.  It was my first digital camera. By the time I came back from the trip, I was in love with photography.

For the next few years, I shot with that simple two megapixel point and shoot.  After a few years, I moved to an advanced point and shoot and, a few years later, finally bought my first DSLR and lens.

Over the following years, I worked at my photography — but it took some time.  There was a learning curve. I had to learn about exposure and composition. There were plenty of times that I made mistakes and came away with some truly awful pictures.  But I worked at it and, as the years went on, my photography improved.

Even today, I’m still learning.  Learning is, I believe, a life-long process.  If you want to improve, you have to keep at it – otherwise, you’re just letting your skills stagnate.  Hopefully, as I continue learning and continue practicing, I will get better.

So, that’s my photography story in a nutshell.  What’s yours? How did you get involved? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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